Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final Evaluation

For this very last evaluation, it was tough to keep up with the minimum post required.  Throughout the semester, the minimum post requirement wasn’t really emphasized as much as this last period.  Things got pretty hectic with senior design and final projects in other classes and it made meeting the minimum requirement twice as difficult.  I did however, post more this period than the previous two.  I have 9 posts this period.  My posts stayed similar as the last period content wise.  I think I found my found in the second eval period and carried it on over to this one.  This period I also mixed up my posts in terms of length, video content, and images and hyper linking.  I think I carried through the controversial questions or subjects as you suggested I do.  I did however throw some technical posts in there. 

As you mentioned it class, one difficult aspect of the blog project was attracting comments to the blog.  I found this very true as I had a very small amount of comments on my posts.  I tried my best to answer the few comments I did and found it very rare to get a second response back to my comment.  As for commenting on other blogs, I commented 12 times this period

In my blog posts, the thing I believe I did well, possibly the only thing, was to include animation videos and pictures.  The oil field is one thing that literature cannot teach sufficiently.  Experiences in the field make things exponentially easier to learn and I think the animation videos did just that.  They helped my “technical” posts a little easier to understand.  I could definitely have improved on attempting to engage the audience more and attracting readers. 

Starting off the semester I had no idea what the hell Science Communication was or why it even mattered.  At the end of the semester, I am much more aware of how I present my knowledge to others and will continue to be in my career.  Communication is extremely important as an engineer with the public.  The most important thing I learned would probably be, technical jargon isn’t always (almost never) the most effective way to communicate ideas: Don’t be such a scientist.  The class was tough for me since I am a little shy as you could probably tell, but I am glad I took the course and learned very valuable lessons which I am certain will change my career for the better. 

For this last evaluation, I believe I kept the quality of my posts relatively the same as the last evaluation.  I did have a variety of posts as well: videos, images, and simple literature.  Having posted slightly more than last period, I think I may have finally reached a “B” level blog I was aiming for, but that’s all up to you of course.  Anyways, I had fun learning in the class and laughing a little here and there.  It was nice to get to know you and have a great summer.

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